Weekend treasure hunt…

Our weekend of treasure hunting began earlier than expected on Friday, when we popped out to Holt to get our holiday property, Nutmeg Cottage, ready for our next guests.  As we passed a shop on the High Street, this little beauty was just calling out to us from the window.  It was impossible to resist, so we didn’t!  For the princely sum of £15, this small piece of local history was saved from being snatched up by someone else and has become the pride of Will’s collection of typewriters.

The treasure hunt we were actually looking forward to was the annual Hethersett garage sale, where lots of people around the village have stalls on their driveways or in their front gardens.  A map is produced with a list of participating addresses so that you can wander around the village to discover the many interesting and varied bargains on offer.  Some people are looking to make a little money or just clear a bit of space and of course one person’s junk is another person’s idea of heaven!

Among (many) other things, we found some lovely basketry, a very old game of scrabble, a vanity case in almost mint condition and a pile of tattered and well-used ordinance survey maps.  The maps, as well as some raggedy children’s books we found, will be upcycled into origami paper baubles and flowers and the baskets will be used to display some of our designs on our upcoming stalls.  All in all, we had an exciting, if exhausting, day of rummaging around in other people’s belongings and we can’t wait for the next one!

What did you all get up to this weekend?  LouLou & Will x

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