A relaxing break in Cornwall

After a wonderful holiday in Cornwall, we are now busy getting ready for our next event – the annual Burnham Market Craft Fair.  It’s great to be back to doing what we love but we really did have a fantastic break in the beautiful Tamar Valley on the Cornwall-Devon border.

The River Tamar

We stayed in a warm and welcoming village by the River Tamar, dominated by the amazing viaduct which we travelled over in the train to Plymouth (slightly nervously!).  There was a pretty little path that ran alongside the river towards Cotehele House and every now and then, as we followed the river, there would be a little stall selling flowers or a windowsill offering home-grown produce!

Flowers and vegetables

The real highlight of our walk to Cotehele was finding this little pottery shed which was full of the most amazing ceramic tiles, bowls and plaques!

Pottery shed collage

We finished our holiday with a visit to Porfell Wildlife Park and Sanctuary and were lucky enough to be able to enjoy a Lemur Tea Party – feeding the lemurs really is one of our favourite things to do, they are so adorable and really gentle.  We had a wonderful time and even got to tickle their furry tummies (they really are as soft and fluffy as they look!).

Lemur Tea Party

Now we are back home and busy preparing for this year’s Burnham Market Craft Fair.  We hope you are all having a fantastic summer too!  LouLou & Will x



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[…] have settled back to work after a wonderful Cornish holiday and preparations for this Saturday’s event are in full swing at the Farrell & Holmes […]

Posted on 14th August 2013 by Farrell & Holmes » Back to work after a lovely break…

Morning Louise
think I will have to give Cornwall a go …lots of people seem to have a wonderful time there…We have been blessed with fabulous “summer” weather this year….now the madness that is Christmas has begun….. crazy. 🙂 Glad you had a great time 🙂
Diane x

Posted on 15th August 2013 by Diane

Hello Diane! We can thoroughly recommend Cornwall, it’s a beautiful place to visit – especially when the weather is lovely! We’re starting to think about Christmas too, it will be here before we know it, won’t it? x

Posted on 20th August 2013 by LouLou

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